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The Club

THE 6 PASSENGERS diving center is located in Rangiroa in French Polynesia, near the Kia ora village hotel on the beach of ‘Ohutu Bay. It features a Polynesian style hut well integrated in its environment.

Facing the lagoon, our traditional style “Fare” is open all year long. We can pick you up from where you are staying and take you to the center.


Our equipment is what follows below

Two 494 cubic foot mini verticus compressors, securus system.

30 full diving gear sets: All gears are of the SCUBAPRO brand and the club is an officially recognized SCUBAPRO club too.
  • R 095 regulators
  • Pressure gauge and depth gauge booth
  • Wave BCD
  • LOOK masks
  • STRATOS fins (different sizes available)
  • Weights and belts
  • 3 mm SCUBAPRO everflex – water temperature is generally around 85° F, slightly dropping 3 or 4 degrees in July and August.

The scuba tanks stock has:
  • Two 6-liter steel tanks for the kids’ first dive – Aged 12 minimum according to current territorial regulation
  • Fifty 12-liter tanks – Some of them are steel ones but most of them are aluminum compact ones. For laymen, these tanks have the same characteristics than the steel ones regarding weight and buoyancy once filled
  • Fifty 12-liter tanks – Some of them are steel ones but most of them are aluminum compact ones. For laymen, these tanks have the same characteristics than the steel ones regarding weight and buoyancy once filled
  • And 15-liter tanks – Steel and aluminum compact ones.

2 minibus shuttles operating between hotels and guest houses to the club.
We can easily host groups of 30 divers


The rates for dives include the whole scuba gear and scuba suits.

Services & Rates 2022

Our dive center is essentially for touristic and leisure purposes. We make the most of exploring the two passes of the atoll. Nevertheless, you can take the level 1 certification - CMAS, FFESSM, CEDIP/ANMP and PADI, and also level 2 and level 3 and Advanced level certifications depending on the availability of the club. We welcome children from 8 years old.

On site, private dives and one-on-one classes are available upon request.
Rates available PER PERSON and through 12/31/22 (1 € = 119,332 Xpf)


First time Dive
14'900 XPF (125 €)
Beginner Dive / Refresh
14'500 XPF (122 €)
1 to 4 exploration dives
9'500 XPF (77 €) / dive
5 to 9 exploration dives
8'500 XPF (72 €) / dive
10 exploration dives and more
7 '900 XPF (68 €) / dive
20 exploration dives and more
7'700 XPF (65 €) / dive
NITROX Supplément
2'200 XPF (19 €) / dive
PADI Open Water
about 9 dives for the all certification
1st level ANMP
about 5 dives for the all certification
Price per training dive
10'200 XPF (86 €) / dive
Certification validation and card
12'000 XPF (100 €)
PE40 + Certification
10'200 XPF (86 €) x3 + 6'000 XPF (50 €)
Snorkeling – Eco tour
6'500 XPF (55 €)


Scuba diving safaris can be either half-day or full-day excursions – 2 tanks dives – in remote and unspoiled spots. Transportation is by a brand new 28ft BWA semi-rigid boat powered by a 250hp four-stroke Mercury outboard engine.

Typically, we offer three areas:
  • MOTU PAIO is the only stranded islet in this huge lagoon. Schools of different fish species swarm out there and this is one of the only places in Polynesia where one can watch sharks of the Carcharinus Limbatus species.
  • MAHEREHONAE where Mother Nature has piled up big coral chunks during a hurricane in the past century. One will contemplate outstanding coral gardens…
  • THE RIFTS are wonderful and colorful cavities breaching away in the exterior coral reef. Here, one will gape at big sea fans and coral branches but will also frequently encounter pelagic species.
For safety measures, and for conviviality and comfort, we embark on board a maximum of six divers only plus staff, excepted for SCUBA DIVING SAFARIS where two groups of six divers only can embark on the new boat


Private monitor
Only the monitor (5 people max per monitor)
45'000 XPF (377 €) / dive
Private Dives
Boat rental with monitor, captain and safety (5 people max per monitor)
90'000 XPF (754 €) / dive


3 semi-rigid boats
  • One 28ft BWA semi-rigid boat powered by a 250hp four-stroke engine, console. This new boat allows for fairly long trips with total comfort even in rough sea. This boat has been allocated for 2 tank dive safaris in remote spots far from the Tiputa pass such as the rifts, Mahere honae, Motu Paio…
  • One Semi-rigid Mark 600 Zodiac equipped with a 115hp four-stroke MERCURY engine, cockpit and a 6 tank-capacity rack…


Open in 1995, the club is property of Ugo Mazzavillani, an Italian who fell head over heels for Rangiroa and Tanguy Bonduel, who has been living in Polynesia for 10 years and sharing the same passions: Scuba diving and underwater imagery.

The instructing staff, all certified by the French State and PADI certification and managed by Frédéric Lhermitte, change from 3 to 5 instructors depending on tourist seasons. The team also has a secretary and three seamen who pilot the boats and who are in charge of safety above water.
  • 3 permanent instructors – Up to 6 during the high season or for big groups.
  • 3 seamen – all dives are drift dives and require the assistance of one seaman always staying on board to follow the group of divers and take them back on board at the end of the dive.
  • 1 trilingual secretary - French, Spanish and English.

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